Thursday, 12 July 2012

[nails] The beginning of a blog, and of a challenge


Welcome to Platypus Nails, the real blog. I'm guessing that some of you will know me from my Tumblr, which was started at the beginning of 2012 as a way for me to follow other people's nail art and occasionally post some of my own. It mostly consisted of reblogged posts, so I could keep a collection of nail art I really liked and wanted to emulate. But now I figure it's time to have a place that showcases my own nails properly, plus somewhere I can be a bit more talkative about it - hence the new blog! 

I should probably give you a bit of an introduction, so hi, I'm Katy, I'm 19 and I'm a student from the UK. I've loved painting my nails for as long as I can remember, since I was about 9 or 10 probably, and like a lot of people I got into nail art when I heard about Konad and nail stamping. I continued from there and in the last year and a half or so I've become completely addicted to nail art and am trying to improve my skills as much as possible. I'm also gradually building up a collection of polishes which just hit 100 bottles, although I tend to stick to cheaper brands because there's no way I could be buying hundreds of OPIs or Deborah Lippmann's on a student budget!

So although I'm nowhere near professional, I'd like to think I'm improving with my nail art and hopefully this blog will give me a better way to showcase it - if people don't get too tired of me waffling on and on in every post like I am doing now ;)

And now we come to the actual point of this post... the 31 Day Challenge. To coincide with the beginning of this blog, I decided to start the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge which I expect most of you in the online nail art community will have come across at some point. I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure of the origins of the challenge, so I take no credit for it, but here it is in full: 

I won't be completing it on a daily basis - I take far too long with my nails to fit in painting them every day - but hopefully it won't take too long to complete, although I expect I'll probably want to give up on the whole thing when I get to water marble day since I've never had any success with that...

Anyway, the first post of the challenge should be up tomorrow, and I look forward to trying out new designs throughout all the days. I guess all that's left to say if you're reading is thank you for coming to my little blog, and I hope you enjoy my future nails/ramblings.

Hugs for you all,

Katy xo

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