Tuesday, 31 July 2012

[nails] Polishes everyone should own - Barry M Denim

Another non-challenge holiday post! I've been wanting to start swatching my collection for a while now, simply because I have so many gorgeous polishes that I don't really get the chance to show off. So here's the first in what will hopefully be an extensive series of posts showcasing polishes that I believe everyone should own!

The first polish I chose is by Barry M and is a relatively new release of theirs, 325 Denim. I'm sure anyone in the UK knows that Barry M is generally the go-to brand for cheap, basic polishes. Recently though, they've started releasing some really beautiful and quite unique shades. I think my next swatch post will be another of these releases, Copper, which I bought at the same time as Denim and I view them as a pair since they work well together. Today though, I'm focusing on just Denim. 

One coat of Denim - look at the pretty matte finish arghsobeautiful

Two coats of Denim. 

Two coats of Denim - the silver shows up well in this picture.
This is a dark, denim-blue polish with a hefty amount of fine silver micro-glitter, which dries to a semi-matte finish. In some lights there seems to be a sprinkle of light blue glitter but it's barely noticeable. The thing that really makes me adore this polish is the application. It's a true one-coater, going on smooth and thick on the first coat and drying extremely fast as well. I usually do two coats just to give a bit more depth and because my nails are naturally ridged and a bit rough. The only issue is that you can't use topcoat if you want to retain the beautiful matte finish - unless you sandwich it - which means chipping is going to happen more quickly. 

I was incredibly impressed with Barry M for this - a really unique polish with utterly flawless application and a beautiful colour. And I think most people would agree that the name fits perfectly too! Everyone needs their perfect pair of jeans, and now I think everyone needs this perfect Denim for their nails too ;) 

(Jeez, how cheesy. Somebody stop me if I start doing lines like that at the end of every post.)

Katy xo


  1. I read somewhere that this was really streaky so I didn't get it, now I wish I had asked for it in the giveaway :( it's so beautiful. I think I'll go buy it though now :D

    1. Aww that sucks, perhaps that person got a faulty bottle/batch =S But I highly recommend it, go get yourself a bottle ASAP! I'm lusting after another of the new Barry M polishes because I know it would work perfectly for my animal print challenge day...

  2. Argh, I gave this to my friend as I'd not heard good things. Good job Superdrug is just around the corner....it will go perfectly with the other 5 Barry M blue shades I have:) Lovely swatch by the way.

    1. Oh no! It's a shame that some negative reviews seem to have gotten around, I think this is such a brilliant polish. Thank you very much :)