Wednesday, 8 August 2012

[nails] Day 4 - Green Nails (plus my new nail mascot - wait, what?)

Hello again everyone! 

I'm finally back from holiday, and have had the chance to give some attention to my poor little nails. As expected, I broke almost all of them while I was away (there was a lot of scrambling across rocks on beaches), so I'm afraid I only have short stubby nails now. However, I'm getting back to my 31 Day Challenge with the fourth day, green nails. 

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that green is my absolute favourite colour of polish, and if I'm stuck for inspiration I will instinctively reach for a green to start off a design. For that reason I had a bit of a struggle trying to decide on a design for this challenge since there were too many greens I wanted to use! In the end I settled for four of my favourites, and painted them on somewhat randomly. I added some big glitters onto the non-glitter polish fingers and this is what I came up with:

Unfortunately we've had no natural sunlight for the past few days so apologies for the crappy lighting :(

The lack of sunlight also means you can barely see the holo on my middle finger, but it is there in real life!

Close-up of thumb, with silver glitter (and Seche Vite shrinkage, grr)

Close-up of the beautiful Sinful Colors glitter on my index finger.
The polishes I used were:
  • Sinful Colors - Irish Green (pinkie and thumb), Call You Later (index)
  • Nubar - Reclaim (middle)
  • Claire's - unnamed green glitter (ring)
  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat

The glitters used on my pinkie and thumb come in little pots from Born Pretty Store, and are very easy to place using a cocktail stick and a little bit of clear polish, but they need a good topcoat to smooth them out and keep them on! 

Overall I was pretty pleased with this design - I love how bright Irish Green is, and how well it went with the silver and gold glitters, plus any time I use Call You Later I fall in love with it even more, it's such a beautiful glitter. 

Now we come to the slightly more off-topic part of the post. Whilst waiting in Manchester Airport before jetting off on holiday, I happened to wander into Claire's with my sister. I immediately went towards the nail polish stand but she had a look at the sale stuff, and came across this little guy! 

When she first showed him to me I thought he was just a bird, but then I saw the tail and realised he was a platypus - too good not to buy, right? He's little and cute and furry and although he has a slightly angry-looking face I figured he could act as a kind of Platypus Nails mascot. So despite the continuing lack of sunshine I took a picture of him with my two favourite polishes from this look, Sinful Colors Irish Green and Call You Later:

He's just the right size to sit next to polish bottles too - it was fate, I tell you! Anyway, it's probably time for me to stop wittering now. I hope you enjoyed today's nails, and didn't miss me too much while I was gone ;)

Hugs for all,

Katy xo


  1. Aaaaaaw I love the platypus. And also your middle finger, it's such a sweet design :)