Friday, 31 August 2012

[nails] Peacock Feather Nails

Hi everyone, I have another of my sister's manis to show you today! Her nails were looking all chipped and nasty so I took it upon myself to restore them to something pretty ;)

Once again I told her to pick out a design she liked, and she opted for this peacock feather design which was in my Tumblr archive. I hunted for a while but I couldn't find the original source of the design, so I'm sorry for not being able to provide credit. I tried to copy the design as closely as possible but I know mine didn't come out nearly as well! Still, I think it gives a passable impression of peacock feathers so I was pretty pleased:

As usual, the lighting for these pictures isn't great due to the British weather, but they're still pretty colour-accurate.

I won't list all the polishes used here since it would take me about a week, but I started with a blue glitter base and layered on greens in lines, finishing with the eye shapes in gold and blue. I will draw attention to one polish though, Cosmic Green by W7. At least, I'm 99% sure that's what it is - my bottle is unlabelled. It's a clear base absolutely packed with tiny green and blue glitters which was near perfect for this design! I had to do a macro shot of the bottle just to show off how pretty it is:

Holly was pleased with this design, and it's lasted well despite her tendency to destroy any and all nail art in a matter of minutes. I shall leave you with the ever-present Nail Platypus, standing between his bottles of China Glaze Four-Leaf Clover, and W7 Cosmic Green. 


Katy xo

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