Friday, 10 August 2012

[nails] Purple Glitter Swirls/Dots

Greetings, lovely people!

I'm afraid this isn't a challenge post, but my Day 5 nails will be up tomorrow. Since we just got back from holiday, my sister Holly's nails were in need of some attention too, so here I present the first of my sister-manicures! I quite often do her nails but usually forget to photograph them. I think she actually has better nails than me - a bit longer and more uniform in shape - but I have to make do with what I've got! 

I was lacking in inspiration so I told her to have a look through my extensive Tumblr archive where I reblogged tons of posts by other nail artists to give me ideas. After about five minutes she turned the laptop round and said, 'Are you capable of this?' - I pulled a face but said yes - it's good to challenge yourself, right? 

So, the design these nails are based on is this wonderful Koi Pond design by Brittney of Precious Polish. Holly liked the swirl/dot design so I skipped the accent nails, and she chose her own colour scheme of pink, purple, and blue (with the main focus being purple). I used a white base and gradually sponged on the colours, then used striper brushes and dotting tools for the details. 

I've uploaded two pictures because I couldn't decide which was the better one. Unfortunately the lighting wasn't great when I was taking these so apologies for that, but I was really pleased with how these nails turned out! I have naturally quite shaky hands so some of the swirls are a bit wonky, but overall once the dots were added and the little bits of glitter, they looked pretty striking. A bit too girly for me personally to wear, but they suited Holly very well. 

The polishes I used were:

  • Laval - White 
  • Rimmel 60 Seconds - 809 Blue Me Away, 619 Pulsating, 605 Purple Rain
  • Barry M - 47 Black, 264 Pink Iridescent
  • W7 - My bottle isn't named but I had a good Google and I'm pretty sure the shade is 'Cosmic Mauve' - purpley-pink glitter.
  • Seche Vite Dryfast Topcoat
Hope you like this design, and look forward to seeing more of my sister's nails in the future :)

Katy xo

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