Monday, 24 September 2012

[nails] Lush Lacquer Swatches

Helloooo everybody! Long time no post, I know, and this isn't even a challenge post, but I hope I can make it up to you with some swatches of the most gorgeous indie polishes. I've mentioned in previous posts that it was my birthday recently (twenty years old, eek) and I used some of the money I was given to buy my first indie polishes from Lush Lacquer on Etsy. Karin and Lexi are a mother-daughter team based in the USA who sell a huge range of beautiful custom-blended polishes. I had a really hard time choosing just a few polishes but eventually settled on 'Midnight Affair', 'Tropical Kisses', and 'Lite Brite'. I decided to get mini bottles because I figured I wouldn't use them up too quickly, and they arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Here's the bottles:

First up is Midnight Affair. This is a clear base packed full of black, white, and red bar glitters, black and red square glitters, white hex glitters, and teeny tiny white microglitters. Yes, they managed to fit all that in! I've shown two coats here, over Rimmel London 60 Seconds 'Grey Matter', which I think worked pretty well as a base and brought out the different colours. This is a dense glitter and didn't need any placement or gap filling, application was nice and easy. Some of the bar glitters curled a little but nothing that a good top coat wouldn't sort out. In summary, love it!

Gotta love a macro bottle shot - just look at the density of that glitter!

Second is Tropical Kisses. This one is kind of the odd one out from these three as it has a sheer tinted base rather than a clear one. It's a lovely yellow-toned green sheer base, with big pink and yellow hex glitters, medium pink hexes, small green hexes, and weeny little pink microglitter. This isn't quite as dense as Midnight Affair, but it gives a wonderful tropical feel and a more understated look. I've shown two coats here over Barry M's 'Lime Green', which matches the sheer base almost exactly. I think you'd need a good four or five coats to build the base on Tropical Kisses to opacity, so better to layer it in my opinion. I can imagine it looking great over pink or black especially. Application was brilliant and there was no curling or even roughness, I wore this without a topcoat and it retained a glossy finish. Another winner here :)

And finally we have Lite Brite. This is another clear base polish, with a beautiful combination of jewel-toned glitters. There are great big gold and metallic pink hex glitters, small square glitters in green and purple, small hex glitters in red, orange, and blue, and tiny silver microglitter. I've layered two coats here over Barry M's 'Vivid Purple', a deep metallic purple, which I think complements the colours of the glitter nicely. Application was easy with this one and although the glitter was a bit rough, a layer of top coat smoothed it out easily. Much love for this polish too.

So there you have it! Three gorgeous polishes from a brilliant indie company. I hope that explains why I haven't posted for a week - these are all so pretty that I didn't want to take any of them off! Hope you enjoyed seeing the swatches, and check out Lush Lacquer on Etsy or Facebook to see more of their creations. All that remains is a farewell from the ever-present Nail Platypus, who is feeling neglected after all these pictures that didn't feature him:

Thanks for reading, hugs for you all!

Katy xo


  1. Wow - I would give my right arm for Lite Bite - amazing. 3 very good choices, although I fear you've finally turned me towards indie polishes; I shall blame you when I can't afford to eat next month:) x

    1. Haha, I was lucky to have generous relatives who provided me with nail polish money! Although you could stick to my strategy of buying mini bottles which means you can get more ;)