Wednesday, 12 September 2012

[nails] New W7 Swatches

Hey guys, another little break from the challenge here as I'm showing you swatches of the five new W7 polishes I bought with some money from my birthday. I bought them all online at Nail Polish Direct which also stocks China Glaze, Barry M, Essie, and OPI, and sells W7 for just £1.95 each. 

The polishes I bought were Orange Dazzle, and four of the W7 Sheer Collection - Sheer Peach, Sheer Blue, Sheer Pink, and Sheer Mauve. You've already seen the sheers in my previous post for the striped nails of my 31 Day Challenge, but here they are at one, two, and three coats. From left to right: Sheer Pink, Sheer Blue, Sheer Peach, Sheer Mauve.

One coat.
Two coats.
Three coats.
Apologies for the difference in pictures, I was doing these swatches in the evening so the light was getting progressively worse, and I had to switch my photo locations to try and get decent lighting. The pictures are a bit mixed but they're all fairly colour accurate, particularly the last one. As you can see, all four of the polishes were pretty much opaque by three coats, the only exception being the blue which seemed a little more sheer than the others. In fact, I wouldn't class the peach as a sheer - it was the most creme-like out of the four and only needed two coats to be opaque. The others will probably be fine for layering in sandwiches and things, but they will need thin coats in order to not block out glitter. The application was easy, not too streaky, and the big W7 brushes make it easy to cover the nail. Overall, very good polishes, especially considering the price. 

Then there's the odd one out of the polishes I bought, Orange Dazzle. I already have several of the other W7 Dazzle polishes (Purple, Green, and Blue) so I know from experience that they're absolutely packed with glitter, and this is no exception. The difference is that this one doesn't have a clear base, it's an orange jelly with gold and orange glitter. It's almost neon bright, and this is two coats:

Direct sunlight.
You can see just how bright the polish is here, and how dense with glitter! For someone who loves orange polish as much as I do, this is pretty much a holy grail. Application was easy (again, with those big brushes) and there was no need to arrange the glitter as it went on evenly. As you would expect, it was quite rough with that amount of glitter, but nothing that a good topcoat wouldn't smooth over. 10/10 for this one. 

I think you can tell I'm pretty pleased with these purchases - W7 are maintaining their reputation for cheap but quality polishes, and these five have filled some holes in my stash, so I'm grateful for that! Hope these swatches have been useful, and happy buying ;)

Katy xo


  1. Those pastels are lovely but the orange is amazing! It almost looks like orange peel! Love it!

    1. It's glorious, isn't it?! Thanks for the comment :D