Monday, 10 September 2012

[nails] Not My Nails - two for the price of one!


So I mentioned in my last post that I had recently done nail art for both my sister and my best friend who was staying with me last week, and here is that nail art (accompanied by grovelling apologies for the shocking quality of all these pictures!). 

First up, the best friend. While she was here we went to a local theme park/zoo so I decided to do her nails on that theme. I started with a blue background and then using various nail art brushes painted on a flamingo on the thumb, a lemur tail on the index finger, a rhino on the middle finger, a giraffe on the ring finger, and a turtle on the pinky. My brush work still isn't as good as I'd like it to be, but I was still pleased with how these turned out - when we were in the gift shop at the park all of the shop assistants came over to look at the nails and were very positive - always nice to have your skills appreciated! 

L-R: Flamingo, Lemur Tail, Rhino, Giraffe Neck, Turtle

Close-up of the flamingo - apologies for the poor quality!

Next up, my sister's nails. I told her to pick out any object and I would translate it onto her nails, so she chose a magnet she bought from Cocoa Beach in Florida. It has loads of beautiful colours so I struggled for quite a while trying to work out how best to translate it. I settled on using a different part of the magnet for each nail - the pier and palm trees on the thumb, the sunset on the index finger (with the addition of a couple of birds), the setting sun on the middle finger, the reeds in the sand on the ring finger, and the waves in the ocean on the pinky. Here's how it turned out:

Yes, that's a rhino in the background!
Again, apologies for these pictures - there's noticeable tip wear and no good shots of the thumb nail (which is a shame because I was really proud of that one!), but the sister took these shots herself because I kept forgetting. Even so, I think the top photo shows off the four fingers quite well - I was surprised how good these looked in the end as my previous attempts at stamping have been pretty useless. They looked very bright and summery and the sister was very pleased with them. Here's a quick shot of the magnet they were inspired by:

I used so many polishes for these designs that I won't list them all here, but if you'd like to know a specific polish then let me know :)

Katy xo


  1. Wow - your flamingo is amazing! Brilliant, I bet your sister and friends were really pleased with them:)

    1. Thank you! I'd like to think they weren't lying when they told me they liked them ;)