Wednesday, 10 October 2012

[nails] Day 16 - Tribal Print

Good lord, it's been over two weeks since I posted! I knew it had been a while, but not that long. I'm so sorry guys! I don't really have any decent excuses, but I've just moved back to university for my third and final year (argh what) and I've also just taught myself to crochet and that's turned into a bit of an obsession. However, I've gotten back to the 31 Day Challenge and today I'm bringing you Day 16, tribal print. 

I've actually always wanted to try out tribal print nails, but when I got around to this day I was feeling so uninspired, and although I wasn't very happy with how these set turned out, I just couldn't be bothered to take them all off and try again! Also, I took these pictures after a couple of days of wear, so apologies for the big ugly chip on my thumb nail. Here we go:

The polishes I used in this design were:

  • China Glaze - I'm With The Lifeguard, Re-Fresh Mint
  • Barry M - Emerald Green, Spring Green
  • Sinful Colors - Call You Later
  • Claire's - Unnamed Green Glitter

As I said, I'm not mad keen on this design, but perhaps some of you guys will think it's semi-decent! Thank you for not giving up on me while I was away (being lazy), and I promise posts will be more regular from now on! 

All that remains is our usual fond farewell from the Nail Platypus:


Katy xo

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