Wednesday, 31 October 2012

[nails] Day 21 - Inspired by a Colour

Hey everyone! I hope you can forgive me for the gap in posting, but I wanted to save these for Halloween - you'll see why in a second! Most people when doing the 31 Day Challenge take the 'inspired by a colour' day to mean inspired by polish names, and I did just that. I was umming and ahhing for a few days over the polishes I had in my collection, but then I hit on the perfect idea, inspired by Rimmel London's 'Grey Matter'! You've seen this polish a couple of times before on this blog, as the base for both my Day 9 Rainbow nails, and my swatch of Lush Lacquer's Midnight Affair. However, for this look I took the name of the polish and only used it sparingly in the actual design, because the look I went for was of course: BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNS!

Yep, brains. It took me while to get this design to something I liked - I had to take off two versions and start over again, but I ended up with this - the line down the middle being the centre of the brain between the two hemispheres. I've had mixed reactions to this: some people think it's hilarious, others are faintly disgusted - my mum just decided it was 'pretty pink squiggles', sigh. But I was really happy with how they turned out and I've worn them for almost a week. 

I'm also giving you a rare picture of my right hand. The left-hand design was a bit too precise for me to do with my wrong hand, so I went with something a bit more simple: BRAAAAAAAAIIIIINS! Sorry, I just enjoy saying that.

The thumb says 'INS', in case you can't quite read it...
The polishes I used here were:

  • W7 - Sheer Pink, Diamond Top Coat
  • Maybelline Express Finish - Blushing Bride
  • Rimmel London 60 Seconds - Grey Matter
  • Barry M - Red, Chocolate Brown, Black
  • China Glaze - Westside Warrior

So there you have it! This was intended to be just a regular challenge design but since it turned out so Halloween-y I thought I would save it to post today. Do you guys like it? Or are you faintly repulsed by it too? :P

As ever, the Nail Platypus wishes you a fond farewell and a Happy Halloween!
Katy xo


  1. These are BRILLIANT - and they made me laugh; braaaaaaaaains! :)

    1. Thank youuu! I was quite proud of them ^_^