Monday, 5 November 2012

[nails] Two sets of very badly photographed nails

Hellooooooooo everyone! Today is another challenge break I'm afraid, as I am bringing you two sets of special occasion nails that I've done over the past month. The first is from when I went down to London with my family to celebrate my sister's 18th birthday, and we went to see Mamma Mia (which was incredible and such a feel-good show, go see it). I aimed for something sophisticated to try and match what I was wearing - since it was an evening performance we got all dressed up. 

This is what I ended up with - I used the same colours as the base for my galaxy nails, which I mentioned in the post that I loved and didn't want to paint over! This was one coat of Barry M - Cobalt Blue, and one coat of China Glaze - Riding The Waves. On top of this I placed four tiny gold ball decorations which I got (along with 11 other colours) from Born Pretty Store. Then I topcoated with W7 Diamond, and hey presto, simple but sophisticated nails (in my opinion, anyway!) I was really happy with how these turned out. 

The next special occasion is one I'd been waiting for for almost four years - I went to see the Killers (aka my favourite band in the world ever) live on the UK tour for their new album, Battle Born. For this set I went with a red and black theme to reflect the Battle Born logo, and I used tape to create the logo's lightning bolt on my ring finger. Then I went to do the Killers dotted 'K' on my thumb, and settled with what I had after the fourth attempt O_o. It smudged a little when I put topcoat on, and I didn't managed to get pictures of these before they started to chip, but here you go anyway:

So there you have it, two sets of badly photographed nails, as promised! I blame it on my six-year-old camera and not myself ;) Hope you guys had as good a weekend as I did (YAY KILLERS) and see you soon with some old-fashioned 31 Day Challenge posts :)

Katy xo