Wednesday, 27 February 2013

[nails] V-Gaps with Barry M Gelly Lychee and 17 Rock Hard Nail Effects

Hi everyone! Today I have a couple of new polishes to show you which I bought last week, one of which I love, the other... not so much. If you're in the UK you'll probably know that Barry M just released four new colours in their 'Gelly' range which are supposed to be one- or two-coaters with really high shine. I didn't actually buy any from this line when they first came out, but when I saw that they'd released a neutral colour (called Lychee) I just had to have it! 

The second new polish is also one that's been causing a bit of a stir over here in Britain since it's one of the first high-street textured polishes to be available. Seventeen/17 have just released a line of four new textured polishes called 'Rock Hard', so I decided to pick up one to try, and plumped for the ever-useful black. 

So... I was planning a swatch post for both of these two, and I went ahead and painted all my nails with two coats of Rock Hard Black. Only to be driven to desperation and taking it all off about two hours later. Sorry guys, but when it comes to textured polishes you definitely won't be seeing any more on this blog! It was sooooooooo annoying >_> I'm a person who usually does a lot with their hands - either fidgeting and playing with my hair, or things like knitting and needlework which require handling fine yarn/thread/fabric. So the textured effect just kept snagging and catching on everything, and I couldn't stand it. It does give a cool visual effect but I just couldn't bear to wear it on the full nail for any length of time. 

And then I came up with a compromise! The main thing that was annoying me with the Rock Hard effect was the tips and lower halves of my nails snagging on things, so if I could find a way to keep it towards the base of my nails... v-gaps!

I'd actually never tried out this design before but I'm quite taken with it, might have to try this one again in the future. What you're seeing here is a base of two coats of Barry M Lychee which is really lovely - it applies very smoothly and gives an extremely glossy finish. Then I taped off the triangle and applied just one coat of 17 Rock Hard in Black. As you can see, the textured effect is pretty cool, and it doesn't bother me when it's not towards the tips of the nails. 

I took a close-up shot so you can see the texture a bit more clearly:

That's the blue sky outside that you can see reflected on my nail! For once in the UK, we've actually had sunshine all day and it's wonderful - spring is in the air. The Nail Platypus was so excited that he started sunbathing on my windowsill:

And since it's a Wednesday, it's time for another British Nail Bloggers link-together! There's some very talented ladies in this bunch so do take the time to check out what they've been up to:

That's all from me now, hope you're all enjoying the sunshine if you have any, and let me know what you think of this design or if you've tried any textured polishes recently :)


Katy xo

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

[nails] Green Gold Mix

Hey guys, happy Wednesday! I'm in a good mood because I didn't have to set an alarm to get up early this morning, plus I got my highest mark ever on an essay I submitted last week! Today I have quite a simple tape mani that I did a couple of weeks ago, using a mixture of green and gold polishes. 

For this design I did a base of two (maybe three, I can't quite remember) of the now quite old Barry M Gold, and then used striping tape to do various designs with China Glaze Westside Warrior and Kalahari Kiss. I was quite happy with how this came out, so I might start doing mix designs more often! 

For those of you who aren't aware, there is a lovely group of British Nail Bloggers which I recently became a part of and I love it! We're trialling a new method of linking together which involves us all using this code at the bottom of our Wednesday posts. I highly recommend checking out all the lovely ladies here, I think you'll find plenty of new blogs to follow if you're not stalking them already!


Katy xo

Thursday, 14 February 2013

[nails] Valentine's Nails

Hey guys, hope you're enjoying your day whether you're single or in a relationship. I'm not really a fan of Valentine's but since everyone else was getting in on the nail art trend, I thought I'd do something to represent my take on Valentine's...

I'm tentatively calling these ones 'Valentine's is a pile of sh*t!'


Trololololol... I know there will probably be quite a few of you who think these are kind of gross, but I couldn't resist once the idea popped into my head - the contrast between the horrid sparkly pink heart-filled nails and the big steaming piles of poo just makes me giggle!

On a more serious note though, I hope that you do all have a lovely day if you're celebrating, and here's a loved-up Nail Platypus to send you some Valentine's kisses:


Katy xo

Monday, 11 February 2013

[nails] Green Copper Gradient

Hello again folks! Hope you are all well - Spring is in the air here in Northern England which is definitely putting me in a good mood! Today I have a really simple gradient I did a couple of weeks ago but haven't gotten around to posting, using two gorgeous Barry M polishes. 

The weather has been chilly lately (I think it was snowing when I was wearing these nails) so I wanted something wintry. I went for a base of Barry M Racing Green which is just beyond gorgeous - it's quite blue-toned and the shimmer gives it real depth. Then I used Barry M Copper and sponged a gradient at the tips. I love Copper because not only does it have gold and bronze glitters, it has pink and green particles as well which really add to the overall effect and make it extra sparkly! Here's how it turned out: 

You can really see the green and pink glitter particles in this one!
I really liked how this mani came out, and I wore it for almost a week if I remember correctly! I'm finding myself falling in love with all my old Barry Ms like Racing Green again, I think I'll have to do something with Vivid Purple soon too, since I bought those two as a pair and they're still as gorgeous as ever. 

I realised yesterday that you haven't been seeing much of the Nail Platypus recently (and he's been missing you guys too obviously), so here he is with his best mate, Flamingoland Lemur! 

Hi guys <3
Well, that's all from me I'm afraid - time to go read journal articles about female employment in 1950s Hong Kong - ah the exciting life of a history student! 

Hugs to you all, 

Katy xo

Thursday, 7 February 2013

[nails] 2true Swatches - Beautiful Blues

So I'm guessing if you're a British blogger at any rate, you've been made aware of 2true polishes which are a wonderfully cheap range available in Superdrug. I spotted them on the lovely's Emma's blog at Naily Perfect. She found her glitter soulmate in 2true's limited edition Glitterati collection - you can see her swatches of shade 3 here. I immediately ran out to Superdrug (well, the next day) and picked up Shade 3 for myself, but while I was there I also fell for two other shades, which is what I'm showing you today!

The first one that caught my eye was from their regular Glossywear range, Shade 48. This is a really delicate light blue, almost periwinkle, with a dense silver/white shimmer. I don't normally go for such pastel shades, but this is just so pretty! As usual, there is still no sunshine in the north of England, so these pictures don't quite do the polishes justice... 

In direct light - 3 coats
In direct light - 3 coats
Indirect light - 3 coats
Bottle shot to try and show you the shimmer!
 As you can see, 3 coats gives you pretty decent coverage - application was thin and runny but not streaky, drying time was average. 

The second shade is from the Glitterati collection, and is simply called Shade 1. It's similar to Shade 3 which Emma swatched, but is essentially a darker version. It features a light blue jelly base with silver microglitter, and a mix of teal and silver hex glitters. These swatches show one coat layered over the 3 coats of Shade 48, without topcoat. 

Direct light, 1 coat over Shade 48
Direct light, 1 coat over Shade 48
The grey clouds outside had thinned a bit by this point, so the lighting was a little better and these pictures are fairly colour-accurate. The formula was thick but easy to work with, although I suspect it might get gloopy over time and need some thinner. I'm pretty sure you could get this opaque on its own in 3 coats, but the jelly base isn't very pigmented so I would advise layering - it might be interesting to try over a pink base to see if it goes purpley! 

I'm not sure if these polishes are available outside the UK, but if you're over here then I highly recommend picking up some 2trues for yourself!


Katy xo