Thursday, 7 February 2013

[nails] 2true Swatches - Beautiful Blues

So I'm guessing if you're a British blogger at any rate, you've been made aware of 2true polishes which are a wonderfully cheap range available in Superdrug. I spotted them on the lovely's Emma's blog at Naily Perfect. She found her glitter soulmate in 2true's limited edition Glitterati collection - you can see her swatches of shade 3 here. I immediately ran out to Superdrug (well, the next day) and picked up Shade 3 for myself, but while I was there I also fell for two other shades, which is what I'm showing you today!

The first one that caught my eye was from their regular Glossywear range, Shade 48. This is a really delicate light blue, almost periwinkle, with a dense silver/white shimmer. I don't normally go for such pastel shades, but this is just so pretty! As usual, there is still no sunshine in the north of England, so these pictures don't quite do the polishes justice... 

In direct light - 3 coats
In direct light - 3 coats
Indirect light - 3 coats
Bottle shot to try and show you the shimmer!
 As you can see, 3 coats gives you pretty decent coverage - application was thin and runny but not streaky, drying time was average. 

The second shade is from the Glitterati collection, and is simply called Shade 1. It's similar to Shade 3 which Emma swatched, but is essentially a darker version. It features a light blue jelly base with silver microglitter, and a mix of teal and silver hex glitters. These swatches show one coat layered over the 3 coats of Shade 48, without topcoat. 

Direct light, 1 coat over Shade 48
Direct light, 1 coat over Shade 48
The grey clouds outside had thinned a bit by this point, so the lighting was a little better and these pictures are fairly colour-accurate. The formula was thick but easy to work with, although I suspect it might get gloopy over time and need some thinner. I'm pretty sure you could get this opaque on its own in 3 coats, but the jelly base isn't very pigmented so I would advise layering - it might be interesting to try over a pink base to see if it goes purpley! 

I'm not sure if these polishes are available outside the UK, but if you're over here then I highly recommend picking up some 2trues for yourself!


Katy xo


  1. These are lovely polishes , I have them both too :D Bargain price too :D

  2. Ahhhhhhhh, I suspected you might get the other blue as well - I also cracked and got it, and the pink lol! Glad your on BNB as well now x

    1. Ooh, I've not seen proper swatches of the pink! And yay, got the tab on here now as well :)