Monday, 11 February 2013

[nails] Green Copper Gradient

Hello again folks! Hope you are all well - Spring is in the air here in Northern England which is definitely putting me in a good mood! Today I have a really simple gradient I did a couple of weeks ago but haven't gotten around to posting, using two gorgeous Barry M polishes. 

The weather has been chilly lately (I think it was snowing when I was wearing these nails) so I wanted something wintry. I went for a base of Barry M Racing Green which is just beyond gorgeous - it's quite blue-toned and the shimmer gives it real depth. Then I used Barry M Copper and sponged a gradient at the tips. I love Copper because not only does it have gold and bronze glitters, it has pink and green particles as well which really add to the overall effect and make it extra sparkly! Here's how it turned out: 

You can really see the green and pink glitter particles in this one!
I really liked how this mani came out, and I wore it for almost a week if I remember correctly! I'm finding myself falling in love with all my old Barry Ms like Racing Green again, I think I'll have to do something with Vivid Purple soon too, since I bought those two as a pair and they're still as gorgeous as ever. 

I realised yesterday that you haven't been seeing much of the Nail Platypus recently (and he's been missing you guys too obviously), so here he is with his best mate, Flamingoland Lemur! 

Hi guys <3
Well, that's all from me I'm afraid - time to go read journal articles about female employment in 1950s Hong Kong - ah the exciting life of a history student! 

Hugs to you all, 

Katy xo

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  1. Love the nails, I think Barry M Copper is much underrated! So happy to see that the platypus is back, and has a friend:)