Wednesday, 10 April 2013

[nails] Barry M - Diamond Glitter

Hi everyone! Let me start off by saying I am SO sorry for not updating for over a month - I know I've never been the most regular updater but even by my standards this has been a long time! I guess I do have a fairly decent excuse in the shape of a final year university dissertation and impending exams, but one should always make time for nails, right? 

Anyway, I have a whole bunch of pictures of fairly boring nail sets - mostly swatches - which I will upload over the next couple of weeks, so be prepared to actually see some Platypus Nails content (I know, shock!). 

Today I have a recent Barry M nail polish to show you. I'm assuming this was released at the same time as the other recent glitters (Ruby, Rose Quartz, Yellow Topaz, etc) but I haven't seen very much of it, and so when I saw it in my local Boots I instantly gravitated towards it, because, you know, sparkles! 

This is a holographic silver glitter, but unlike the old Hologram Hexograms (which I think is still in production although is out of stock on the website), this one features three different sizes of hex glitter. Imagine Hologram Hexograms and China Glaze's Fairy Dust had a baby - this would be it! 

I've shown just one coat here, over Laval Black for the best contrast. As you can see, the coverage is quite dense, so two coats might have been a bit over the top. The first photo shows it in indirect sunlight, the second in direct sunlight. 

The application was easy and the drying time was similar to other Barry M polishes - not amazingly fast, but you won't be waiting around for hours. I think you might struggle to build this up to opacity on its own - maybe four or five coats, but it's a brilliant layering polish and I think it would look great over any colour. 

And now, as a sorry-for-being-crap-at-posting present, I give you not one, but two kitteh pictures! The Nail Platypus wanted a picture with my cat, and all was going well at first... 

Until someone decided to get her claws out! 

Luckily I was managed to retrieve him in time, so no platypuses were harmed in the making of this blog post ;) 

And since it is a Wednesday, it's time for the usual link-up with my fellow British bloggers - there is a wealth of talent to be find amongst these posters so do check them out if you have the time: 

That's all from me, see you soon with another post (it won't be a month this time, I promise!)

Katy xo 


  1. May have to get me some of these, looks great!

  2. omg this is lovely, i think i might have to buy this!

    1. Do it!! I couldn't capture the sparkle very well in these pics but it is SO sparkly in real life :D

  3. That color combo is so pretty! Reminds me of the galaxy!