Monday, 15 April 2013

[nails] Swatch - W7 Cerise Pink

Hey guys, today I have a rather plain swatch post for you, but it's of one of my old favourites - and definitely my favourite pink polish. As you can probably gather from most of my posts, I'm not a big fan of wearing pink, but I've had this polish for years and I have always loved it.  I don't have the label on my bottle any more but I'm 99% sure (after some extensive googling) that this shade is called Cerise Pink. 

It's a beautiful glass fleck polish (W7 do these so well!) in a bright, bright pink, with a lovely warm red/pink shimmer throughout. It's gorgeous in the shade but it really shines when it catches the light and it's such a vibrant colour that it always puts a smile on my face. Shown here is two coats:

Indirect sunlight - oh how I love red-toned pinks!
The shimmer is clearly visible in indirect light as well.
Just look at the pretty!
Sparkles <3
As with any W7 glass fleck polish (I have a few more to show you in upcoming posts), the application is a dream, and there's barely any need for topcoat since it's so shiny and smooth to the touch. Coverage is good - there was a teeny bit of visible nail line with two coats which wasn't a problem for me as my nails were quite short at this point, but if you're rocking longer talons you might want three coats. Removal is easy too - pretty much the perfect polish. 

So if you're looking for something summery to brighten your mood, definitely give this one a try! W7 are available in the UK for around £1.95 a bottle so there's really no excuse not to give one a go ;)

The Nail Platypus was feeling camera-shy this week, so instead I shall leave you with a picture of the fabulous scones I managed to make at the weekend. They were from a Mary Berry recipe (all hail Mary Berry, the goddess of baking) which used buttermilk to make them all light and fluffy, and they tasted soooo good! Needless to say there are none left now after my family were let loose on them! 

Hugs and nail polishy love, 

Katy xo

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