Saturday, 27 July 2013

[nails] Turquoise and Studs

Hey folks, today I have another Platypus Nails post for you, with a design I wore a few weeks ago. I got Barry M Greenberry (from their Spring Gelly collection) a while ago but hadn't had the chance to showcase it on the blog yet, so I came up with a simple but effective turquoise-style look.

Turquoise in its natural form has a gorgeous mottled effect which I tried to mimic in this mani by using the cling-film/saran wrap technique. Although the mottling can be quite dark, I chose to go for a gold base using Barry M's Gold Foil - I thought the contrast with Greenberry would be pretty. I also wanted to use the new mixed set of studs I got from Born Pretty recently, so the gold was a good match. 

I used two coats of Barry M Gold Foil as a base, and then waited for it to dry completely before applying one (fairly thick) coat of Greenberry and sponging with cling-film/saran wrap to remove some of the polish and create the mottled effect. Then I used a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri to stick the studs to my nails, and a further generous coat once that had dried to secure them in place. 

These picture was taken after two days of wear and you can see that the small circular stud on my index finger has gone slightly silver where the gold effect has rubbed off. However, this wasn't a massive problem, and the studs definitely stayed put - I think I wore these for almost a week and I didn't lost one! 

I was really happy with how this turned out (despite my terrible cuticles - too much washing up) as suggested by how long I wore it. Sometimes I have issues with 3D things on my nails (textured polish, for example), but these studs didn't annoy me at all, or snag on fabrics. Definitely recommend! Here's the wheel they came in so you can see the variety I got:

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