Sunday, 22 September 2013

[food] Chocolate Chip Cake Balls

It's that time of the week again - when I've finally recovered from a week of 6am starts for work and have gotten around to writing a blog post! I know I don't have a huge number of followers, but for those who do read my posts, I'm so sorry for not paying enough attention to  my little blog. It's only my second week of full-time work and I'm so busy! 

Anyway, I have another Platypus Food post for you, and this one has been waiting to be written up for a while. A couple of months ago I got a cake pop/ball mould which I'd been wanting to try for ages, and the first thing I made was these... simple chocolate chip cake balls. 

The mould is really simple to use, you just place the mixture into the half-mould on the left and then place the one on the right on top to bake. This means the cake rises into the spherical shape. 

The ingredients I used are pretty simple - I just made a small mix of my standard sponge cake recipe, which is from the Be-Ro flour recipe book. 

As you can see, the mix wasn't huge because I was mainly just testing the mould, but I did put in rather more chocolate chips than was strictly necessary... ;)

Here's the mix before baking:

And here are the cake balls after they came out of the oven! I know, I know, why did I put that one bit of mix on the second row instead of having them all round the edge? I don't know, and this picture still bothers me.

By the time I remembered to take pictures of them out of the mould I'd already eaten a few, so that's why there's fewer in this shot...

As you can see, some of them didn't rise as well as others, depending on whereabouts they were in the oven. They were a bit dense too, but that's probably just a result of my skills (or lack thereof) and the whole overloading with chocolate chips. However, for a first try at cake balls I was definitely happy with how these came out and would recommend the mould :)

Katy xo

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