Wednesday, 30 October 2013


And now for something completely different...

If you know me in real life you might have heard me mention a little something called NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month is an amazing event that takes place every November when people across the globe come together to do something utterly over-ambitious: write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. 

What's that, you say? What's the point? How can you possibly write anything good in that short a time? Well that's the point! NaNo is an exercise of quantity over quality - going against your perfectionist instincts and just writing. Of course you can't write a good quality book in 30 days (especially if you have a full-time job) but it's great to be able to write freely, without abandon, and just getting practiced at putting words on paper (or screen). 

This year I'm very excited to be taking part again after two years of being too busy - I did take part (and managed to win!) in 2010 during my first year of university. To 'win' NaNoWriMo you simply have to reach the 50,000 word goal - there are thousands of winners each year (and no, you might not receive a physical prize for winning but dude, you wrote 50,000 words in 30 days - respect!) 

I will say that I do not consider myself a writer at all - I don't write much in my free time and NaNo 2010 is the only big writing project I've ever done. However I loved it so much in 2010 that I couldn't not give it another go this year. I've got no intention of publishing or trying to write professionally, but neither have a lot of other NaNo-ers - there's all sorts of people who take part. 

So, have any of you guys heard of NaNo or are thinking of taking part? It's not something that requires a lot of planning - when I took part in 2010 I signed up on the 1st of November with no plan but still managed 50,046 words. So if you have a little free time this coming month and feel like doing something utterly insane, why not give it a try? 

Katy xo

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