Sunday, 27 October 2013

[stitches] Sunburst Granny Square Placemat

You guys, I am so so sorry for not updating more often; it's been over a month since my last post and I can't apologise enough. My job is eating up all my spare time since I have such an awkward commute and I've been busy at the weekends so I've had barely any time for nails/crafting/baking, taking pictures, or writing posts. However, my weekends are much freer from now on so fingers crossed there'll be more content coming your way! 

Today I have another Platypus Stitches for you, this time crochet rather than knitting. I really wanted to have a go at the gorgeous Sunburst Granny Square pattern by Jenny from Nittybits, so I picked out a colour scheme and knocked up a square. After that, well I had to make it into something more. 

As you can see, I used a green/turquoise colour scheme with two different versions of the sunburst square. The pattern was dead easy to follow and I think it turned out really nicely. 

I attached the squares together just by sewing them along each edge, rather than crocheting them together. The border is made up of one row single crochet (US terms) in white, and then used this scalloped edge tutorial for the turquoise edging. 

Since I was kind of making this project up as I went along, I wasn't sure what it would turn out to be. I knew I didn't have the time to make a whole blanket, but just trying out the pattern and not finishing it would have felt wrong. So I was glad when I realised that the 3x3 square layout made the right size for a table placemat. 

This final photo shows you how it looks on my family's dining room table - it doesn't look super professional I know, but I think it makes quite a cute centrepiece with the plant. I'm thinking of perhaps doing a full set of four or six mats, or maybe some in other colour schemes. What do you reckon?

Katy xo

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